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fire png

It is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical combustion process that releases fire, heat, light and various reaction products. This definition does not include slower oxidative processes, such as rust or digestion.

The fever is hot because the conversion of weak double bonds to molecular oxygen, O2, combustion of carbon dioxide and stronger bonds in aquaculture releases energy (418 kJ per 32 g of O2); Fuel-binding energies play only a minor role here. In the combustion reaction, flames are formed at a point called the firing point. The flame is the visible part of the fire. Flames mainly consist of carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen, and nitrogen. When hot enough, gases can be ionized to produce plasma. Depending on the incoming materials and any foreign matter outside, the color of the flame and the intensity of the fire will be different.

The most common form of fire can cause a fire that can cause physical damage from a fire. Fire is an important process affecting the ecological systems of the world. The positive effects of fire are to stimulate growth and protect various ecological systems.

The negative effects of fire include life threatening and material damage, air pollution and water pollution. If the fire removes vegetation cover, heavy rains can cause an increase in soil erosion in the water. Even when the vegetation burns, nitrogen is released into the atmosphere, unlike elements such as potassium and phosphorus, which remain in the ash and are quickly recovered in the soil. This loss of nitrogen from fire causes a permanent decrease in soil fertility; this is slowly restored due to "repair" of nitrogen by legumes such as lightning and atmospheric clover.

Fire is used in rituals, agriculture, cleaning the earth, cooking, heat and light production, signaling, shooting purposes, smelting, forging, combustion, combustion and as a method of weapons or destruction.

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