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The amount of precipitation in a given location can vary greatly from year to year and from season to season. Also, the amount of precipitation that falls at one time can vary greatly depending on how close the cloud is to the ground. This means that it is possible for a very small area to receive much more rainfall than a larger area over the same period of time due to local variations in precipitation rates.

A cloud is a large collection of tiny water droplets or ice crystals floating in the atmosphere above Earth's surface. Clouds are formed by rising air and usually contain water vapor as well as minute solid water droplets or ice crystals called cloud condensation nuclei (CCN).

Clouds generally occur in three main types depending on their height and temperature. High-level clouds are those of about 6 miles (10 kilometers) altitude or higher and comprise cirrus, cirrocumulus and cirrostratus types that often produce no precipitation but may reflect sunlight in many directions producing hues from nearly white to pale gray or blue at a distance. Mid-level clouds form at heights between 4 and 6 miles (6 to 10 kilometers) and include altocumulus castellanus and altocumulus lenticularis types that produce little precipitation but may block out light from below when they.

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falling rain with transparent background #42134

Falling Rain With Transparent Background

rain drops hd transparent png #42142

Rain Drops Hd Transparent Png

clipart rain heavy png #42155

Clipart Rain Heavy Png

raindrop on glass png #42135

Raindrop On Glass Png

transparent download green cloud with rain clipart png #42156

Transparent Download Green Cloud With Rain Clipart Png

white rain umbrella png #42160

White Rain Umbrella Png

rain background transparent #42144

Rain Background Transparent

rain drops transparent #42137

Rain Drops Transparent

drops rain transparent background #42139

Drops Rain Transparent Background

raindrop glass png #42152

Raindrop Glass Png

rain with cloud image download #42148

Rain With Cloud Image Download

white rain transparent background #42157

White Rain Transparent Background

light rain png #42147

Light Rain Png

fast rain texture effect png download #42140

Fast Rain Texture Effect Png Download

cloud rain sky transparent picture #42145

Cloud Rain Sky Transparent Picture

hd rain falling png #42153

Hd Rain Falling Png

rain png transparent rain Images pluspng #42146

Rain Png Transparent Rain Images Pluspng

rain madred frames transparent #42154

Rain Madred Frames Transparent

raining with clouds png clipart #42138

Raining With Clouds Png Clipart

blue cloud rain nature picture download #42158

Blue Cloud Rain Nature Picture Download

rain clipart download #42136

Rain Clipart Download

blue raindrops transparent download #42159

Blue Raindrops Transparent Download

png rain cloud emoji #42151

Png Rain Cloud Emoji

rain png images raining pngs weather snip #42141

Rain Png Images Raining Pngs Weather Snip

rain icon #42150

Rain Icon

rain cloud transparent background #42143

Rain Cloud Transparent Background

rain clipart transparent hd picture #42149

Rain Clipart Transparent Hd Picture