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HoyoVerse is a platform developed by Hoyo Labs, a technology and creativity center. HoyoVerse offers a range of tools and services that can be used specifically in gaming, entertainment, e-commerce, finance, arts and many other industries.

The history of the HoyoVerse platform goes back to the founding of Hoyo Labs. Hoyo Labs was founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurs, Alex Wu and James Giancotti. The company initially provided tools and services for mobile games and later decided to develop the HoyoVerse platform.

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  • genshin impact hoyoverse eshopz just shop logo #42471genshin impact hoyoverse eshopz just shop logo
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  • hoyoverse holding live genshin impact, mini tour gaming emblem #42470hoyoverse holding live genshin impact, mini tour gaming emblem
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  • the brand hoyoverse png #42468the brand hoyoverse png
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